What we are:
No Shirt Press is an independent publishing company. It is owned and managed by M. David Bailey in Minneapolis, MN. 

What we do:
We publish digital and print media products, as well as provide information services. The idea is to bridge the gap between creativity and a postindustrial marketplace. Our focus is on social change, consciousness, and the arts. Our model is experimental.
No Shirt Press was imagined into existence in 2007 at an informal meeting in Brooklyn. In 2010, G. and M. Bailey (a father-son team) worked with Charles Butler to publish a book titled '39 Poems'. This encoded Butler's spoken poetry into a high quality media product, empowering Butler to monetize his craft. Then everybody moved away from NYC, and No Shirt Press became an informal hobby run out of M. Bailey's art studio in Minneapolis.

While the modest success of 39 Poems was realized and reflected upon, No Shirt Press sat on the 'back burner' as M. Bailey investigated other ways to cultivate personal, economic, ecological, and societal well being.  Through varietal micro entrepreneurial experiments, ongoing community volunteerism, and investigations into collaborative creativity, Bailey began to focus on the relationship between people and technology as a thinking and conversation space with great potential to facilitate social evolution. To explore this potential, No Shirt Press was organized into a formal enterprise.