Is your perspective too controversial for the mainstream? Are you a niche author, designer, visual artist, or new media subversive? Do you have an interesting and relevant collection of poems, essays, or short stories that would be better as a professionally handled work than as a self published volume?

Maybe we can work together. What we publish = [info] + [art] + [tech] + [culture]. Does your content add something important to these areas?

No Shirt Press will happily consider your work for publication. Here is what we need to evaluate this possibility:

1.) A one page project description.

2.) A work sample to review. This must be a.) twenty or fewer standard pages of text, b.) twenty or fewer visual images under 1mb each, c.) a link to an audio or video file hosted elsewhere that is not more than five minutes long. Poorly edited work will not be considered, but it is okay for your sample to be a little rough around the edges. Material that is pornographic in nature or that promotes violence will not be considered, while material that advances meaningful communication around these subjects is quite in line with what we publish.

3.) Your contact information. If you want to publish anonymously, we can work with you to find a third-party intermediary qualified to facilitate our publication of your work. If you would like our communications to be encrypted, please indicate what method you prefer to use. 

4.) A non-refundable unsolicited review fee of $300. This pays for the time it takes to carefully consider your work for publication by our company.

Please notify us of your desire to submit your work via the standard site contact form.