Rainbow Lullaby

Rainbow Lullaby, a science fiction novel by Mark Bailey, has been published! What's this book about? Here's a description:

A Lagu is an ancient and magical medium-sized mammal. When one of these strange creatures is accidentally seen by a human boy named Luke, everything changes. 

Traha is a sentient tree from a planet 23 light years away. When her one-way journey to Earth is completed with the help of a sorcerer named Taavi, everything changes.

The blue man is many things. A safe driver. An inspiration. A lover of root beer floats. When the blue man surprises a woman named Nneka at a shopping mall, everything changes.

These intertwined tales unfold in circumstances where magical creatures, telepathy, a revolutionary new currency, and a mysteriously powerful dance come together in unlikely ways. Through it all, the everyday world is transformed into someplace unfamiliar, and the reader is left questioning everything but the value of friendship.

Yup, it's pretty weird.